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As a full-service film production we make creative films about the world, people, and their ideas.

We produce high-quality corporate videos, media for awards and events, image films, façade projections and documentaries as full-service film production company, as well as immersion, mediatecture and fulldome with our LivinGlobe label.

Film making is the most beautiful job for us

Because we are curious. Because we can never get enough of the world, the people and their ideas. Because we want to capture it all in films, in emotions, stories and thrilling experiences. In insights. Because we want to take people with us and immerse them in the immersive virtual worlds of a good film.

The result: films that inspire, excite, and entertain. That are creative, surprising, successful and of the highest quality. They benefit from all our vast experience, which is necessary to achieve this.

Film making is the most beautiful job for us.

Our films love the big picture at awards and events

Our films love the big picture at awards and events

We at Exponent 3 GmbH often go beyond the scope of a standard film production and offer the whole package: From social media videos to cinema-like films for the big screen and TV broadcasting with SNG outside broadcast vans, from high-quality photography to the complete media design of the event for the various channels.

Immersion in films and stories

We make films that touch, media that surround with stories that we immerse in by creating and realising innovative and creative corporate films and documentaries about the world, people and their ideas.

Interested? Let's dive in

Immersion in films and themes

Mediatecture is our passion

We co-invented mediatecture and have since been designing spaces with media, staging companies in large images, making facade projections, 360° films and fulldome projects.

X³ -"media in the third dimension" is one of the central areas of what we do

Immerse yourself in our portfolio.

or check out our brand for our immersive and dome projects LivinGlobe:

Exponent 3 GmbH

Exponent 3 GmbH
Winzererstraße 49a
D-80797 Munich

Fon: 0049-89-322 99 85-0
Fax: 0049-89-322 99 85-20