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Media for Awards and Events

And the winner is ...

We produce the media for awards, events, and prize-giving ceremonies; real, virtual or hybrid - as a full-service film production company, we conceive the design, produce the films, music and photographs and support our clients with our extensive know-how, even in the basic conception.

Our successful cooperation’s with clients such as the European Patent Office, BMW, BASF, MAN, Munich Re, Deutsche Bahn, World Savings Banks Institute, Sony, GE, and various pavilions at EXPOs are impressive proof of this.

And the winner is ...

Successful events need good media

Our know-how is exemplified by our cooperation with the European Patent Office.

For 13 years, we provided media support for one of the most prestigious prizes for innovation in the world: the European Inventor Award, for which 15 inventors and scientists are nominated every year by the European Patent Office. Among the award finalists are several later Nobel Prize winners.

Having been involved with the Award since its inception, we have had the unique opportunity to develop the event together with our clients and partners, from its humble beginnings to the global multi-channel event it is today.

Documentary about the 2019 edition of the European Inventor Award:

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Antonio Campinos - President of the EPO

It is the intention of our client to achieve the greatest possible publicity and reputation through the awarding of the prize. For this, we have provided a wide variety of services together with our client, the agencies and partners:

Media activities at a glance

Portraitfilme über die Preisträger

Inspiring and entertaining portrait films

The portrait films about the award nominees are the centrepiece of the media production.

They show the finalists and their achievements, make the personalities tangible, their motivation and enthusiasm,  they show the significance of their work and make complex things understandable and inspiring.

Above all, they honour the finalists and give them the recognition they deserve.

These films are specially designed for each channel or target group. For the European Inventor Award, for example, we produced the following different film formats about each award finalist:

Ceremony films for the big screen

Ceremony films for the big screen

These are very high quality, entertaining films that focus on the people. They are optimised for the big screen at the real award ceremony or the virtual stage at extended reality events.  

Journalistic TV Films

Journalistic TV Films

Produced for use in science TV, these films look more at the award finalists inventions and their benefits for society.

Produced in co-operation with our partner Bilderfest GmbH.

Social Media Films

Social Media Films

Short films about the award finalists optimised for social media.

Portrait photos of the award winners

Expressive portrait photos

We create expressive photos of the award nominees and their inventions and document the award gala photographically.

SNG OB Van - Streaming

SNG OB Van and Streaming

We enable worldwide TV broadcasting and live streaming and organise the technology for this via our partner RT1.TV, such as SNG OB vans, satellite transmission or streaming.

Motion graphics for the screens

Motion graphics for the screens

We develop and produce the CI and media design for the award, from social media to the big screen at the ceremony.

Accompanying media productions

Accompanying media productions

We also produce accompanying and supporting films, e.g. about the jury meeting, the production of the award trophy, the client, as well as teasers in social media, etc. and produce a video documentary about the award ceremony.



Together with partners, we organise the distribution of the films to different channels, from the web to TV.