Exponent 3 GmbH

Who we are

We know what we are doing. Over 20 years of experience with films and events for large companies are the basis for a successful and trusting cooperation with our customers.

Our extensive experience guarantees a high level of production reliability and allows us to offer a one-stop solution even for complex tasks.

Our creativity and enthusiasm create inspiring and attention-grabbing films and media productions.

Because we have never stopped being curious and immersing ourselves in the thematic worlds of our clients in order to achieve the best together.


Why Exponent 3?

The "exponent 3 of x", x³, denotes space. Our company name is an expression of our permanent striving to further develop the medium of film and to discover "new spaces". In a figurative sense, these "new spaces" stand for new spaces of thinking, seeing and perceiving, new conceptual approaches, new approaches, new challenges and new techniques, but also, very concretely, for films that are made for spaces, such as media installations, 360°, VR, spherical dome films and big screen screenings.

We stand for "films in a new dimension" and develop the medium of film to the point of mediatecture and "immersive cinema".

Our global production activities are also an expression of this thinking.


What we do

Exponent 3 GmbH produces films, media for events, awards and prize-giving ceremonies, and innovative special film formats for national and international clients.

We realise industrial films, corporate videos and image films, documentaries, science films, corporate films as well as films for trade fairs, museums, exhibitions and events, create 360° videos, virtual reality, media installations, façade projections and media structures.

With our label LivinGlobe we are specialists for 360° films, immersive cinema and dome projections, conception and construction of immersive projection spaces such as planetariums, dome theatres and virtual reality VR domes. We act as an agency and consultant for dome installations and produce our own immersive experience worlds for spa and wellness with VIDARIUM.

We are a full service film production company, advising clients on the use of media for their communication, writing the scripts, organising filming and photo productions worldwide, realising post-production with editing, 2D and 3D animation, graphics, motion design, music and sound design. We organise live TV broadcasts and design stage shows, events and presentations with our high-quality soundtracks.

We produce in the highest quality and are also able to cover unusual formats such as spherical domes, giant screens and multi-screens, to realise 360° VR content, as well as films for social media.